Reply To: Player confidence

Tom Bates

Hi Mike, it’s a really great question this and it looks like our fantastic course ambassador Kat Nichols has pretty much covered the main points. Looking at Kats response here, notice the first thing she does is getting to work on ‘seeing the world through the eyes of the player’ looking at the bigger picture. In addition, she’s asks the question ‘what are the additional variables that might influence and impact the players mindset and outlook’? Parents, Education, Peer Groups, fear of judgement, poor coach / athlete relationship etc.

Three key points from me here in summary:

– See the world through the eyes of the player – be a good listener
– Look at the bigger picture
– Reward effort over outcome and focus on praising the process goals

A little story to finish:

Before every match Dan Marino the famous All American NFL player at 8 years old found a note from his parents in his boot bag. It was a simple but powerful message from mum and dad: “remember win or lose, we still love you”.

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