Reply To: 80:20 (Lesson 8)

Steve Davis


I’ve been working with our players on how to grow through adversity. I asked them what they wanted to discuss in our online team gatherings, and they felt overwhelmed with the technical challenges, and the never ending emails asking them to try a new app or website to work on their technique. They wanted to be challenged mentally, to connect with their teammates and feel part of something larger than a single player with a ball. We’ve discussed how each player is dealing with their personal situations, and what methods they’re using that they can share with their teammates. I’ve used images of them on a team bus to share that we are all in this together, and on the same journey. They have three projects that I’ve outlined below.

1. Create a GROW model that also includes how they can support their teammates, and how their teammates can support them. Collaboration is encouraged.

2. Produce and record a self-interview where they are both the interviewer and interviewee. They can ask 3 questions and they have been encouraged to be as creative as possible. I’d like them to share how they are growing through the current situation, and what is working for them and why. I’ve also asked them to thank all the essential workers on the front line of this in their videos. I showed them an interview I did where I asked myself how I was handling the current situation and did I have any advice for others. I also asked what things I am missing that I may otherwise have taken for granted before the stay-at-home order. I changed my sweater for each role and switched places on the couch.

3. In small groups they have to create a virtual game of soccer tennis or four square, where they are competing against each other as a fun activity.

PS. I’ve given them a health and wellness form that allows them to daily monitor such things as sleep duration and quality, stress, energy, hydration, and nutritional quantity and quality.

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