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The Relationship Coach: Lesson #5 Preview

The online course is based on the 1st Principle of sports psychology from The Future Coach book by peak performance expert Tom Bates

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Monday 5 April 2021

This post is a preview of the fifth and last lesson from the new online course: The Relationship Coach. The course is based on the 1st principle of sports psychology from The Future Coach by Tom Bates.

The Future Coach courses are for coaches wanting to transform their coaching practice by giving them an understanding of sports psychology and how this can benefit their team, players and results.

In Lesson 5: Specific Actions Tom will give you five specific actions that you can take and repeat, that will improve your coaching.

At the end of the lesson there is a quiz to cement your learning.

After the fifth lesson there is a course summary. Tom wraps up the course concluding what it means to be a Relationship Coach.

There is then an end of course quiz that will highlight the main take home points from the course.

After the end of course quiz you’ll have access to the Bonus Content section. In this final part of the course, you’ll have access to some great related audio and video that relates to the course. You will also be able to download the lesson audio and have free access to The Future Coach Forum.

If you have any questions about the course find us on social media or use the contact form.


The new online course by Tom Bates


Includes FREE course audio: listen to Tom as he takes you through each lesson

Note: If you haven’t taken it already, Tom’s first Future Coach course will give you a great overview of how you can further your coaching journey.

Read more here: The Introduction to The Future Coach Course 

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