Our practising Sports Psychology & Coaching Scientist, Tom Bates is responsible for implementing Training Programs that are founded upon well controlled outcome based intervention studies conducted in competitive sports environments. These comprehensive training programs are designed with the purpose of maximising mental capabilities needed to succeed at the very highest level under the most demanding conditions.

Psychological Skills Training is part of a systematic educational program designed to help athletes acquire the mental skills they have been shown to be useful in improving performance excellence.

How can Tom Bates Coaching help you?


Key Areas of Tom Bates Coaching

  • Anxiety Management
  • Dealing with Pressure
  • Improving Confidence
  • Boosting Levels of Self Belief
  • Enhancing Concentration
  • Heightening Attentional Focus
  • Controlling Aggression
  • Working as an Individual in a Team
  • Increasing Motivation and
  • Instilling a Disciplined Work Ethic which is Consistent with the Tom Bates Coaching Culture

Paid Services / Structured Sessions

  • Family Seminars
  • Team Meetings
  • One to One Consultation
  • Player Coach Focused Session
  • Mentor Progress Reports
  • Personalised Training Programme
  • 24 Hour Availability

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