TEDx Bournemouth – Part 1: The Journey

So I received a call about 3-4 months ago inviting me to speak at a TEDx event down in Bournemouth about creativity and imagination.

Three things went through my head at that moment:

1- How exciting… TEDx!
2- It’s great topic!
3- I’d better get prepared!

After careful consideration the first thing I had to do was to clarify a title that captured such a magical topic area.  That was difficult to do, since creativity and imagination are so vast and multi dimensional.

I started to research great thinkers who have shared on the subject from Carl Jung, Wayne Dyer to Sir Ken Robinson.

I quickly realised that the great joy of this talk would not lie in my ability to define what other others have said about it as a topic, but to attempt to help the audience EXPERIENCE creativity and imagination in action.

So I though about doing something which required audience participation…

I came up with an idea… and since TED talks are classified as ‘ideas worth spreading’ my heart was beating a little faster at the prospect of doing something new.

I began thinking about the idea of imagination and the process of being creative.

Walt Disney became my inspiration initially – “If you can dream it, you can do it”.  I fell in love with the idea of dreaming and connecting with our creative capacities.

A funny thing happened.  I realised that in ‘pushing’ to get a talk title, I was cutting off my own creative mind.

At that very same stage in the process I decided to ask myself a question. “what is it that I love about Walt Disney”?

The answers that came back were liberating.

Read Part 2 here


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