TEDx Bournemouth – Part 2: Imagination and Creativity

(Continued… Read Part 1 here)

I thought to myself … That’s why I love Disney.  It’s a place where the magic is real.  It’s a place where both children and adults immerse themselves in the dreamland of magical events.  A place where the great joy of mystical characters and magical kingdoms become tangible, touchable.  It’s a place where children dream and adults allow themselves to imagine and connect with their inner child.

No thought, as Carl Jung once said about ‘play,’ is unthinkable and no moment unimaginable.  We find ourselves completely and uniquely present, utterly spontaneous in a state of ‘pure being’.

Then something else happened.  I realised that in order to connect with my truest sense of creativity,  I had to study the most creative people I knew.

So I consulted two of my greatest teachers.  Two wise souls that have taught me a great deal about the purity of imagination and creativity.  Two people who have had a profound effect on my life in many ways and I knew they would have the answers I was seeking.  My two children aged 6 and 4. Josiah and Isabelle!

I began thinking that children spend an immensity of their time involved in creative play.  I knew they could teach me something about imagination that adults could not.  So I asked them both to paint me a story.

Josiah at once corrected me “Daddy don’t you mean write you a story?”   I responded with a smile, no no I’d like to paint a story.  Isabelle, (the self-professed boss of our household) asked assertively looking for direction “Daddy what story shall we paint?”.  Again I gently encouraged them ” you can paint anything you’d like”.

And so, they painted.  An hour later when paints were all over the floor two masterpieces prevailed, and I had absolutely no idea what they had painted… red merged into blue, blue into yellow.  Paint was everywhere.  It was a mess.  But with an inquisitive and encouraged voice, supported by a warm smile, I applauded their great effort and politely asked what they had conjured.

It just so turns out that this is where the magic began.

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