TEDx Bournemouth – Part 4:  – Dream Vision Pots

(Continued… Read Part 3 here)

In my seminars and workshops I’ve asked my audiences to draw their dream visions.  Something that they want to manifest into their lives.  If they lived in a world where no limits existed, where there were infinite possibilities, what would they be doing with their lives?  If they allowed themselves to dream without fear, to connect to that instinctive intuition that knows all things are possible, what would they do?  Where would they be?  Who’s there?  What would they see?

This is the element of imagination.  The creativity is actually drawing it out onto a piece of paper.  To see in the minds eye and then manifest into a drawing.  There is a host of neuroscience behind the exercise that illustrates that this is a highly beneficial exercise for positively wiring the brain toward success.  But for TEDx I wanted to go one better and leave a lasting impression.

Then I thought of the expression ‘seeds of potential’ after speaking with a friend.  Together we talked about the process of planting, nature and nourishing the potential of seeds.

What if we were able to put the piece of paper on the side of a plant pot and get people to draw their dream vision and stick it to the pot?

Better still, a plant pot with a sticker on the side and a seed planted.

My Dream Pot Tedx

Every time a person would see their dream vision image, they would also be reminded to nourish the seed for it to grow and flourish into a beautiful plant.

They would have to take action with love and care to ensure the seed fulfils its potential.

The exact same process required to make sure the seed flourishes is required to make a dream a reality.

So at midnight on February 24th 2015 I planted 120 sunflower seeds into 120 individual pots in hotel room number 312.  Every single seed planted with care, every single sticker printed off, every single cup of soil was worth it.

For what was coming next… in Part 5


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