Thank you to everyone who attended Tom’s The Motivated Mindset Seminar at Grass Roots Football 2011


Here’s what Andy Corbett, an attendee at the seminar, had to say:

“I thought this session was absolutely brilliant, the main focus for coaches at grassroots level is to ensure that players have confidence on the ball, the session ensured that the players were constantly on the ball and the players made the decision what they did on the ball instead of the Coach insisting on what the players have to do. As a football coach and also somebody doing a degree in coaching, I thought the session built upon the aspect of all the players on the ball building confidence. It is definitely a session I will do with my squad of players, it was a basic concept which again could be differentiated with ability, by the end of the session the tempo of the practice was very good. Again the basic concept was built upon with the amount of equipment required, limited amounts of cones and the players were straight away involved within the session.”

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