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“I was at a really low point after being out for almost two years with a back to back ACL reconstruction. I was breaking down on the pitch and self esteem was at it’s lowest.

The negative thoughts I was having caused me to walk off the pitch and I wasn’t enjoying the game I loved playing.

I was convinced I’d get injured again. Tom gave me coping techniques when the bad thoughts would start to take over and stop me performing. He also managed to restore my self esteem and make me believe in myself again.

For any prospering footballer self confidence is the difference between an average player and a good player.

Personally I don’t think I’d be playing in the top league without the psychology techniques I’ve learnt from Mr Bates.  His high energy , bubbly personality and knowledge makes learning the techniques fun and effortless! He really makes you question your doubts and think ‘ why can’t I be the best’

Tom constantly asks the question ‘why’ which was annoying at first but I ask people ‘why’ all the time now and myself more importantly. ‘I can’t do this’ why? And then you start to negotiate a better thought than ‘ I can’t do this’ .

My dream seemed so unlikely when I was injured and I honestly thought I would never play a high standard again, but by changing my thought process and using the techniques I’ve learnt I continue to strive to be the best I can be and play at the highest level.”

Kirsty Linnett – Birmingham City Ladies and England U20 International Centre Forward

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