As the only national event of its type, Career in Sport and Leisure connects young people who attend with

organisations and expert individuals from the industry who can provide them with the information, opportunities

and support they need in order to further their career in the sport and leisure industry.


Tom Bates Spoke at these Peak Performance Live Event Seminars:

Day One

Session One:  How to Make the Most of Your Talent

Date: 30th November – Time: 13.15pm – Venue: How To Theatre

Session Two:  Getting the Most Out of Your Career in the Fitness and Active Leisure Industry

Date: 30th November – Time: 14.15pm – Venue: Arena 2 – Fitness, Gyms and Active Careers

Day Two

Session One:  Getting the Most Out of Your Career in Coaching

Date: 30th November – Time: 14.00pm – Venue: Arena 3 – Sports Science, Coaching and Development


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