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FourFourTwo Performance and Lucozade Sport recruited Tom Bates along with other leading experts in the game to help a group of amateur players overhaul their training habits.

Our coaches analysed the attributes of Gareth Bale and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and delivered sessions built around their strengths.

Bale & Ox

The players were educated in ball mastery, running biomechanics, hydration and psychology.

Whether you’re playing at the top level or the bottom rung of Sunday League, the mental side of the game can have a massive impact on performance, but it’s usually shunned for being “weird”.

Talking about feelings and emotions is not the done thing in the dressing room, but Peak Performance Coach, Tom Bates, set about breaking down these archaic taboos.

In his session Bates showed the amateur players how to overcome their fears and insecurities with specially designed techniques – honing their performance with positive focus.

Find out how Bates transformed their mentality and learn how to maximize yours by watching this video:


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