What You CAN do From Home!

Here is a list of 10 positive, actionable, steps that you can take, from home, in response to the Coronavirus.

The Future Coach
Saturday 21 March 2020

Here is a list of some ideas that I am practicing at home with my family.  These things are more true now than ever before!

Mindset is everything. Stay positive everyone!

Before you read through the list, consider this quote from Dr Wayne Dyer:

 “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”

1. Connect with Team Energy
– Communicate with those who lift you up, not drag you down and avoid the energy vampires!
– Communicate with loved ones and friends via FaceTime, Skype or online video calls.
– Increase Communication, decrease anxiety.

2. Adapt and Overcome
– Get creative with new ways to train, work and exercise.

3. Gratitude Changes Attitude
– Focus on your blessings not your burdens.
– Make a list or bring to mind things that you’re grateful for.

4. Get Real
– See the situation as it is. Don’t make it worse or better that it is. See it as it is.
– Follow the best most trustworthy medical advice NHS  WHO  GOOGLE/COVID19
– Distance yourself from the noise and nonsense of obsessive social media rumours.

5. Disciplined Thinking & Disciplined Action
– Structure your daily routine
– Build healthy new habits every day.
– Exercise, Study, Work, Meditation.

6. Control YOU
– We can’t control the situation we find ourselves in but we can control how we respond and choose to be in the space we operate.
– Live the Response-Able Mindset.

7. Stay Present
– Avoid thinking too far into the future and worrying about what may or may not happen.
– Don’t time travel.
– Deal with today.

8. Switch off & change the conversation
– Take time to turn off your phone and get away from the constant stream of conversations and news feeds.
– Talk about what you’re inspired by, something positive you learned or are looking forward to.
– Take time for you.

9. Have Fun
– Watch some favourite films
– Enjoy LISTENING to music, not just having it on in the background
– Play games on your own and with others
– Laugh at the comedians you love the most – laughter is medicine!

10. Try something new!
– Yoga, meditation, art, playing a musical instrument or learning a new language.
– Can you start that thing you’ve been wanting to do now? Today?

*** A huge thank you to all the Medical Staff and Key Workers who are working so tirelessly on our behalf. Their contribution is greatly appreciated***



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